Honeywell Total Connect



Calling on VISTA Beta Testers for Honeywell Total Connect Partitions

The Honeywell Total Connect team is extremely excited to offer Honeywell Total Connect master users the opportunity to beta test our Honeywell Total Connect partition platform. The beta program is open to those who have a programmable partition VISTA panel that is compatible with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0. Panels are listed below. Be one of the first master users to preview Honeywell Total Connect remote control of partition support ahead of the general public.

How Do You Get Started?

The beta program is offered through our new HTML5 website and our iOS app and Android app. Master users are expected to enable beta partition support upon login (to the correct location) in the website first, before being able to access beta via the apps. Master users will also have the ability to create new users if they choose. The existing users will be synced as part of partition configuration. This occurs as long as the existing users were programmed in the panel.

Here Are the Beta Features Included:

  • Remotely control security for up to 8 VISTA partitions
  • Real-time partition control
  • Globally arm, disarm, bypass/open sensors
  • View and clear alarms
  • View events by partition
  • Support for a common partition, e.g., Lobby
  • Creation of a universal fire partition
    • View fire status
  • Manage users – partition access and authority levels

Sign-up Today

Interested in participating in beta? Please complete and submit our beta form. Once beta begins, you will receive an email.  We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Compatible VISTA Panels for Honeywell Total Connect Beta

  • VISTA-20P
  • VISTA-21IP
  • VISTA-128BPT
  • VISTA-250BPT
  • Respective Canadian and Latin American versions for the panels listed above