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Beta Testers Needed for New HTML5 Platform

Get ready to beta test our brand new platform. Our team has been working hard to complete the development of our new HTML5 web experience for Honeywell Total Connect®, and you can be one of the first to preview it ahead of the general public. It’s accessible on any mobile device—Windows® Phone, BlackBerry®, iPhone®, iPad® and Android™—with no app to download. You can also use your Mac or PC.

The new HTML5 flash site features a completely new look and feel across the Honeywell Total Connect platform—most notably a sleeker, cleaner, more modern interface designed to make the user experience more enjoyable, exciting and engaging. As a beta tester, you can preview these amazing HTML5 enhancements, engage in our exciting feature set firsthand, familiarize yourself with the new HTML5 platform, and share your valuable feedback with us so we can fix any potential issues and launch the best version possible.* Released phases so far include:

  • Security, events and account settings
  • User management
  • Control of Z-Wave devices and ability to view notification settings
  • Set up event notifications and control and schedule Z-Wave® thermostats
  • Ability to play all the video camera events**
  • GPS Tracking Services***
  • Create and set scenes

Beta is Now Available

We are excited to announce the availability of our brand new HTML5 beta for our security features.

Simply log in with your current Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 username and password and you will enjoy a whole new web experience.

Existing Honeywell Total Connect Web Platform

For full functionality including video and automation features, users must continue to use the existing Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 website.
Once Beta development is fully completed in 2017, the existing Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 website will be officially discontinued and the HTML5 platform will replace the existing one and be used for full functionality across the entire platform. Your users will be automatically prompted to switch over to the new HTML5 platform once launched.

Be in the Know
We will be releasing these exciting beta developments in stages. To get the latest information, please sign up as a beta tester so you will be added to our email list and we can send you email updates on the HTML5 Beta development.

Click here to sign up:

*Once you’re signed up as a beta tester, the beta site will update automatically as new features are added. For full functionality, subscribers must use the existing Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 website.

**Supports the following cameras for video events:

  • Legacy iPCAM-PT2, iPCAM-WL
  • Legacy iPCAM-WO will require the user to download the event before playing
  • SkyBell Video

***Available in USA