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Honeywell Total Connect Web and App Updates
Camera Privacy, Made Easy

There is a new camera setting option with the ability to “turn on camera privacy when security is disarmed.” Enabling this new setting will automatically turn the camera privacy feature on for Honeywell Total Connect HD Video Cameras when the security system is disarmed. Once the system is armed again, the camera privacy mode will be turned off. Putting a camera in privacy mode means your camera cannot be viewed and will not record. Once privacy mode is turned off, the camera will resume its normal full functionality. This new setting gives users more peace of mind while at home, and simplifies their experience. This feature will need to be turned on in each individual camera’s settings.

AT&T 3G Sunset: February 2022
Effective June 26, 2019: No New AT&T 3G/4G Activations for AlarmNet Accounts

Attention: USA customers

AT&T Sunset
AT&T plans to end service on its 3G wireless networks in February 2022. 3G/4G new activations will no longer be permitted after June 26, 2019. This means you will no longer be able to activate a new 3G/4G communicator for an AlarmNet account. Existing 3G/4G communicators that are currently registered will continue to communicate to the central station.

AlarmNet expects to continue support for communicators that were sold with pre-activated SIMs by AT&T up to 180 days from the date of manufacturing.
The manufacturing date is located on the carton and on the radio label. Any existing 3G/4G communicators that are currently registered are expected to communicate and be supported by AlarmNet through February 2022 under Resideo’s agreement with AT&T.

Cancelling a 3G/4G Account on and after June 26, 2019
If you cancel a registered/billable 3G/4G account on or after June 26, 2019, you cannot reactivate the 3G/4G communicator because reactivation will be considered a new activation.

LTE radio portfolio
Resideo has expanded its communicator portfolio to include LTE radios, which provides a transition to new cellular technology, and offers maximum network longevity. Click here to read our LTE family data sheet.

Radio Replacement Chart
Below is a chart that outlines a suggested upgrade path from 3G/4G to AT&T or Verizon LTE models:

If you have any questions, please contact your local sales manager.

Two New Honeywell Total Connect How-to Videos

Share our two new how-to help videos with your installers to help improve their efforts when setting up a new Honeywell Total Connect account:
  • How to Adjust HD Camera Settings in Honeywell Total Connect
  • Enroll Multiple Users at Once in Honeywell Total Connect
These two videos may be found in MyWebTech, in the videos section, and then in the Total Connect Video section.